AI powered Virtual Customer Assistants
for insurance & financial services

ROSIE & MAGGIE, our delightful AI, helps you to automatically serve your customers online. Faster & Easier.


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Transforming online customer sales and service experiences

Buying financial services products online is hard. This results in poor customer experiences and low online sales conversion rates.

FlamingoAI’s Virtual Customer Assistants guide your customers automatically through their online purchase and service experiences. This is done by seamlessly combining chat, smart workflow, machine learning, natural language processing and automation. FlamingoAI’s AI powered Virtual Customer Assistant are called ROSIE & MAGGIE.

Customer experiences are transformed through ROSIE & MAGGIE offering immediate online help, answering questions and intelligently guiding customers through their purchase or service experience.

ROSIE can also work in HAVA mode, which means Human Assisted Virtual Assistant, where an employee interacts with ROSIE in guiding a customer to an outcome.

Results of using ROSIE & MAGGIE should include increased sales conversion rates, higher Net Promoter Scores and greater efficiency in servicing your customers.

FlamingoAI provides a light touch and affordable step into AI.

Customer Experience Platform
I'm really confused about what Life Insurance policy is right for me?
No problem, let me guide you step by step, please tell me the age group you are in:
  • 18-25
  • 26-35
  • 36-49
  • 50+
Ok, based on this, the best policy for you is our SuperDuper Life Insurance cover. Monthly fees are competitive in today's market:

The light touch into Artificial Intelligence

FlamingoAI is making Artificial Intelligence accessible. FlamingoAI provides businesses with a quick and affordable way to obtain the benefits of AI automation without costly or time consuming implementations. Our key difference is that our Virtual Customer Assistants powered by our AI, ROSIE & MAGGIE, grow and learn from each customer interaction using Machine Learning rather than rules based configuration. ROSIE & MAGGIE can be pre-seeded with existing chat or other organisational data, but they don’t have to be. ROSIE & MAGGIE can learn in a ‘live-seeding’ environment where she learns on the job from employees, either in a pre-production mode, not live with customers, or in a production mode where she is live with customers and supported by an employee. In a short amount of time, typically a few months, ROSIE & MAGGIE will learn to handle potentially all customer interactions on her own. With Flamingo there is always an option for a customer to request an employee join ROSIE or MAGGIE to answer a question or solve a problem.

And, our affordable pricing packages grow with you too. This means you only pay for what you use, with pricing packages that you can upgrade when you need more conversations and deploy more Virtual Customer Assistants.

What about integration?

We understand that you may worry about how difficult it might be to integrate a Virtual Assistant into your systems. In response to this, the FlamingoAI platform has been built with an API (Application Program Interface – the bits that connect our system to yours) Driven Strategy, meaning that integration is also top of mind for us. The platform has been built with connectors to make it as simple as possible to integrate to an organisation’s APIs. If you do not have APIs that are ready for integration then we can provide a non-integrated Virtual Assistant to get started.

A Culture of Security

The protection of our client’s data, their customer’s data, the privacy of data and information security are Flamingo AI’s top priorities. In addition to a focus on Customer Experience and Machine Learning, a Culture of Security is at the heart of what we do. These topics are the most important and first conversations that we have with all of our clients.

Flamingo AI prides itself on having a Culture of Security. This culture rests on three fundamental tenets – our people, our security processes and our technology.