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Insurance Solutions

True Unsupervised Machine Learning and Conversational Ai for Insurance Companies - SOC2 Type 2 Certified

Insurer spending on cognitive Ai technologies is expected to rise 48 percent on a compounding basis over the next 5 years

Flamingo Ai has developed a deep knowledge of the insurance industry. We understand the industry products, processes, risk, regulations, as well as the customer sales and service journeys. We have built a powerful Machine Learning Brain that is trained in insurance and powers our virtual assistants to guide a customer from inquiry through to payment, as well as a myriad of service inquiries. Flamingo Ai gives you an unprecedented ability to enhance customer experience, improve sales conversations and service customers at scale. Our product suite provides an easy to configure virtual assistant for any sales and service journey who guides your customers in a conversational way, 24/7.


Flamingo Ai works with large insurers across life; auto; travel; health; pet; retirement; employee benefits; insurance knowledge management; and large scale analysis of unstructured and conversational insurance data.

Why Flamingo Ai?

Fast To Deploy
Typically deployed within 2-8 weeks (depending on complexity), Flamingo Ai scales infinitely, is quick to train and always learns. Our unique technology learns how to converse with your customers, augment your employees' capabilities, and operates at scale.
Easy To Configure & Integrate
Flamingo Ai provides configurable branding and editable look-and-feel using a rich tool box of journey and aesthetic components. Connects through APIs to CRM, quotation, application, payment and other systems.
Real Time Insights
The easy to use Flamingo Ai dashboard provides insights into learnings from the Brain. These come directly from your customers in real-time.
Easily set up and managed by non-technical staff, without the need for data science teams to assist with configuration, edits and optimization.
White Box Ai
Inspectable, auditable and easy to modify by non-technical personnel. No answer is ever given which is not pre-approved and compliant.
Human Assisted Mode
Cognitive virtual assistants can be used as fully automated guides, or as a partner for employees who are selling or servicing customers, working to augment their capability across different channels.
Unsupervised Machine Learning
Leveraging the power of Unsupervised Learning to populate the Brain and continue to learn from every interaction.
Secure & Compliant
Highly secure, cloud agnostic, hosted when and where you need. SOC2 Type 2 Certified & PCI Compliant.
Simple Saas Pricing
Initial set up fee followed by simple monthly SaaS pricing.


How It Works | Staff Level

How It Works | Business Level

A Powerful Knowledge Engine for Insurance

Improve completion rate for insurance sales and service processes
Improve the insurance customer experience with a more compliant, consistent and personalized customer journey
Built with the rigorous security and compliance needs of the insurance industry in mind
Augment employees to improve performance and efficiency
Free up employees from simple tasks to focus on higher value customer engagement
Generate unique insights into insurance customer interactions and ability to mine, model and use this insight across the organization
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