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WHAT WE OFFERThe Flamingo Ai
Analytics Engine

LIBBY automates the structuring of unstructured data. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

LIBBY: The Flamingo Ai
Analytics Engine

The Flamingo Ai Analytics Engine ingests large volumes of real-time and historical unstructured data. The Analytics Engine uses Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms to categorize the data in new ways. LIBBY, short for Self-Organizing Library, acts as an insight and inquiry engine, allowing you to query conversational or other unstructured data for intelligence. LIBBY provides an optional Data Science as a Service proposition where our Machine Learning experts guide you through the analysis and findings related to the ingestion and analysis of large volumes of your unstructured data.


Flamingo Ai offers true Unsupervised Machine Learning and Ai capabilities.

The Benefits of LIBBY

Ingest and analyze large sets of unstructured or conversational data
Discover new patterns in the data that provide customer, product, process and other insights, previously unknown
Highly secure - Cloud agnostic, hosted how & where you need it - SOC2 Type 1 Certified & PCI compliant
Apply meta data layers and inquire the data through various lenses or pain points
Flamingo AI Data Scientists support you find the most commercially useful insights

Data Science as a Service

Our Data Science Team help you to:
Determine the best data to analyze and methods to transform the data
Analyze the data using LIBBY’s Self-Organizing Library or unique indexing system
Generate reports on the data assessed through various lenses or inquiries
Identify the key findings of the reports – those that improve customer experience or have the most commercial value
Accelerate Your Competitive Edge With Ai

All enterprises have vast quantities of unstructured or conversational data that is not effectively analyzed. Within these data stores are new insights that may only be reached using machine based algorithms to categorize the data in new ways. As an Ai partner, Flamingo Ai knows how to analyze this data to learn about how customers converse, what is important to them and where their pain points are. We also know how to analyze other large data sets to provide additional insights into product, processes and other commercially important topics.

The LIBBY Process

A semantic galaxy is created from your relevant unstructured, raw form and conversational data.
This galaxy is explored to understand conversational themes shown by semantic clusters and highlighted through information density.
The galaxy is enriched with meta data and the semantic clusters are explored in detail to surface hypotheses.
Work with our Data Scientists to query and report on the data.
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