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Machine Learning Brain

Also known as ‘The Brain’. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

In an industry where the majority of Ai is not real Ai, we are a true Machine Learning company deploying a powerful Conversational Ai platform for Enterprise

The Science of Our In-House IP

  • The Flamingo Ai Machine Learning Brain
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    Process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.
  • Security & Stability
    SOC2 Type 2 and PCI compliance certifications withstanding even the most robust performance and security audits that accompany listed entities.
  • Natural Language Interpretation (NLI)
    Machine reading comprehension.
  • Modal Variances
    A spectrum of automation ranging from observation only to HAVA assistant to human operators and full automation with intuitive human escalation as needed.
  • Diversity Learning Protocol (DLP)
    An emphasis on ensuring the brain’s algorithms are free of bias.
  • Scalable, Re-deployable Infrastructure
    A complex and powerful global infrastructure primed for efficient and optimal deployment to any system via the cloud or on premise (agnostic).
  • Machine Learning (ML)
    Progressive improvement and learning without explicit request.
  • Unsupervised Learning Environment
    Deployed to your data set and customer journey without training and designed to discover significant patterns and learnings by itself.

The Flamingo Ai
Machine Learning Brain

At Flamingo Ai, we spent years employing the smartest PhD data scientists in the field and building our own machine learning brain. Both a thing of science and art, the Flamingo Ai Brain utilizes true natural language processing (NLP) in an unsupervised machine learning environment and deploys into your customer journey to analyze, optimize, automate, and convert. With data streaming in from customer interactions and terabytes of your unstructured data being ingested, the brain discovers hidden insights, drives competitive leverage and solves previously un-answerable questions.
An Ai future provides an inflection point for executive decision-making.
Dr. Jack Elliot
Chief Data Scientist, Flamingo Ai.

Understanding Ai

  • Narrow Ai vs. General Ai.
    Contrary to a generalist Ai such as Google Assistant or Siri where basic utility is the goal, Flamingo Ai deploys Narrow Ai with conversational data. With Narrow Ai, Intelligent systems are created to drive a singular and deep expertise on specific tasks instead of general and broad knowledge.
  • Why Unsupervised Learning?
    Supervised machine learning is highly resource intensive and relies on a thorough understanding of every data point to succeed. With zero training data, The Flamingo Ai Machine Learning Brain operates in an unsupervised environment, reducing cost and allowing speed to market. Completely auditable and controllable by you, the Brain’s continuous improvement makes it a short, medium and long term asset for your business.
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