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WHAT WE OFFERThe Virtual Sales Assistant
ROSIE. SOC2 Type 2 Certified.

A Conversational Ai Product for your sales journeys, from inquiry to Quote to Application and Purchase

ROSIE: The Virtual
Sales Assistant

The Virtual Sales Assistant guides your customers or employees through the sales journey from inquiry, quotation and application to purchase. The Virtual Sales Assistant can be used in fully automated or HAVA (Human Assisted Virtual Assistant) modes, where operators can join the conversation in real time and provide assistance. The platform is fast to deploy and easy to manage without technical expertise. It is highly configurable, auditable and secure, easily integrating with existing technologies.


Flamingo Ai offers true unsupervised machine learning and Ai capabilities.

Power Your Customer Sales Journeys

Improve Sales Conversion & Consistency
Provide 24/7 sales capability with no wait times & infinite scalability
Discover Real Time Insights With Ai
Unlock the power of Ai intelligence.
Highly Secure - SOC2 Type 2 Certified & PCI Compliant
Cloud Agnostic, Hosted How & Where You Need it.

Your Competitive Edge With Ai.

Flamingo Ai partners with every enterprise to develop and implement our unique Ai solutions. We work closely with you to unlock the power of the Flamingo Machine Learning Brain and accelerate your competitive edge.

  • Structured sales journey design
  • Fully automated or HAVA mode to support operators
  • White labelled & customized to your branding
  • Easy API implementation for fast deployment
  • Real time analytics, insights & intelligence straight from customers
  • Secure and compliant. All answers are pre-approved & auditable

The ROSIE Process

Flamingo Ai works with you to map the unique customer sales journey for each product.
Seed the ROSIE Brain with initial data and the Brain learns from real -time conversations to quickly become a subject matter expert. Rosie can understand the intent of different phrasing very accurately provides the right response.
ROSIE can be operated in either fully automatic or Human Assistant modes allowing operators to join conversations in real time and provide assistance. This trains the Ai Brain for future similar interactions.
Real time analytics, insights and intelligence direct from customer interactions, allows your organization to learn from our Ai Brain and apply this knowledge for multiple purposes.
ROSIE Product Sheet
ROSIE Case Study
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